Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October news

Chris Hayward.
Welcome to the October Newsletter.

Things are progressing well at the moment,as with all these kind of builds preparation is everything, getting the basics right will make the project flow smoothly it is also quite time consuming. Those of you that build model aircraft will understand what I am talking about, a lot of dry fitting is required before the glue is put anywhere near the plastic and the same applys here although not with plastic glue of course.
Mike has been busy cutting cardboard frames to check all dimensions and to make sure that it all fits together at the end.

Many thanks must go this month to Richard J Caruana who has kindly let me have some Whirlwind profile pictures for the news letter. 

Also apologies for the shorter newsletter which is due to me breaking a couple of ribs after a fall, hopefully all will be back to normal for next month.
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 Mike is still awaiting some final dimension from Gunnar once he has those, the pattens can be finished off, if all fits nicely then the metal frames will be cut, doing it this way will ensure that there will be very little wastage of metal so keeping our costs to a minimum.
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The above Photographs were taken in the workshop at Riply and show the rear fuselage frame pattens. The picture below shows the CAD work and how the section will be created.

Gunnar Olson 

Also obtained for the project is a Mk1 Sperry Artificial Horizon this came from Ebay.
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Matt has cleaned it up so that is now ready to be fitted when the time comes. Many thanks must go to Jed of the Jet Age Museum - Horsa Project Team 

for alerting us to this instrument.

 Below is a nice comment from Paul who sold us the Artificial Horizon.

I am thrilled that it is going to a good home and will be helping with your replica Westland Whirlwind. Thank you and Kind Regards. Paul.

P.S. I wish you luck in finding the other parts you need for the building of your replica.


Also the hunt is on for some fuel gauges as seen on the right if any one can point us in the right direction it would be really helpful.

Whirly Stories

Copyright Richard J Caruana

 First Prototype Whirlwind delivered to RAE 31st of December 1938, she then went through several technical units arriving at 263 Squadron at Colerne on the 13th of April 1942 eventually arriving at 4 School of Technical Training at RAF St Athan as 3063M

Many thanks to Rob Bowater for the above information.

If you would like a copy of Robs Book on 263 and 137 Squadrons you can contact him direct on

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