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Mini news January 1 2014


MeChris Hayward.

Happy  new year to one and all. 

With Christmas now out of the way and New Years Eve just a headache away it's time to start the search for more of the items to go towards completing our Whirlwind, But first I would like to thank Arthur Lee-White DFC, Croydon T Parry, Matt Denning and Peter Howell for their donations towards our Whirly, without financial help from generous people like them it would never get off the ground (sorry about the pun) so please don't forget that it's------

Never to late to donate.  


If you want to send us some money please don’t do it via Paypal as they take a cut of everything which reduces our income and depletes your donation. Let me know and I will give you paying in details and a mention in the newsletter.


If you want to know more about the project please get this months copy of Aeroplane Monthly. Tony Harmsworth has done an excellent review on what happens behind the scenes.




Can any one help with the following information on the radio fitted to the Whirly

It seems like we've landed on the likelihood that the later Whirlies would have been using the TR1133 radio instead of or possibly at the same time as the older Tr.9D.  In fact almost certain of it. The problem is we have no pictures of the controller installed in the cockpit.  The AP photos only show the TR.9 controller installed. 
The TR.1133 was quite a different controller to the earlier TR.9 which we were previously looking for  (examples of which are very expensive to acquire).
Anyway, we did manage to obtain a TR.1133 controller from eBay and Matt B managed to find quite a bit of documentation for it. The whole wireless thing is a bit of mess during the early period the Whirly operated, certainly during and just after the BoB. The TR.9 system didn't last very long.  We're still scratching our heads over it a little bit.



For sale in the forum shop are these professionally made wooden formers, for a Hurricane fuselage these are for static use only and are to the correct profile


For further goodies for sale please go to our shop.



Also just out is a new book on the Whirlwind signed by Rob Bowater this can be obtained from him direct at,


£25.00 plus £5.00 P&P


And the winner is…..

Well the draw has closed and the winners have been pulled out of the box, needless to say I didn't win anything yet again.

Will the following winners please contact Mike (email below) with their full postal address and just after the holiday period when the post has got sensible again your prize will be despatched.


first prize ticket; 236   Bob and Jenny Dumma

Second prize ticket;  51   James Munroe

Third Prize ticket;  166   Steve Smith

Fourth prize ticket; 77  Alan Gregg Peck

Once again thank you one and all for your support with your generosity and also some very kind donations that we have this year has raised  £520 for the project.

On behalf of all the team may I wish all members a prosperous New Year and we hope to see a lot of you at our first AGM in April 2014 (more on this shortly).

Mike E


The next main Newsletter will be out on the 1st of February and will include an article on our Chairman Mike Eastman also a day at the Aviation Bookshop and stages in the life of a Peregrine engine.


The Secretary, 57 Bramblefield Lane, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME102SX.

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